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Onsite Management Program

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Head Hunting / Sourcing

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Swiftly Find Top Reliable Talent

We have streamlined our talent searching and screening process to achieve this goal. This enables us to place talent on short notice quickly. Our screening process prevents lengthy recruit placements and potential complications. Each job seeker participates in our in-depth interviews and background verifications to ensure that the right skills and experience fit your needs.

Reliable Customer Service

We are always available to listen to your needs and provide the best talent solutions.

Adaptable Services

Whether you seek short-term contracts, long-term contracts, or anything in between, we can quickly adapt to your evolving business needs. Our staff are always readily available to assist in making any change in services a seamless transition.

Reliable Time and Attendance Management

Keeping up with pay, missed shifts, or overtime can be daunting. At the Happy Employee Company, we provide you with the tools to make this task effortless and efficient. We keep you informed and up to date on any staffing changes.

Our Competitive Edge

At the Happy Employee Company, our dedicated professional team sources top talent. We have a strong presence in the communities we serve and have become the go-to and trusted partner. We strive to ensure our talent is happy by providing safe, reliable and gainful employment opportunities.

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